22 March 2011

Family Camping Trip – Dreher Island State Park

2011 ray koerner photography

Last weekend we enjoyed the weather camping at Dreher Island State Park.    We met up with a friend from work and his family, and had an awesome time.  Our site was right on the water which provided hours of fun for the kids.  Did some fishing, played catch, relaxed, and even got to ride out a Thunderstorm in the tent.  We are already planning our next trip.

Luke’s favorite part – Playing in the water
Emmy’s favorite part – Creating a “hideout” with her friend.
and both said playing with our friends Dog was a close second…

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2011 ray koerner photography  2011 ray koerner photography

2011 ray koerner photography  2011 ray koerner photography   

 2011 ray koerner photography

14 March 2011

Goodale State Park

Due to high gas prices and the fact that Aiden was a little under the weather we decided to take the short trip to Goodale State Park.  We had a nice picnic and walked the trail.  The trail was well groomed, enough so that we were able to take the jogging stroller.  This made it much easier with the baby.  After we walked the trail we headed over to the mill pond and played around (and in) the river.  Well, Emmy played in the river and said the water was freezing.  It was nice relaxing day!     


2011_03_13_IMG_62672011_03_13_IMG_6259 2011_03_13_IMG_6266  2011_03_13_IMG_6269 2011_03_13_IMG_6272 2011_03_13_IMG_6275 2011_03_13_IMG_6278 2011_03_13_IMG_6280 2011_03_13_IMG_6284 2011_03_13_IMG_6290 2011_03_13_IMG_6291 2011_03_13_IMG_6298 2011_03_13_IMG_6303 2011_03_13_IMG_6306 2011_03_13_IMG_6308 2011_03_13_IMG_6316 2011_03_13_IMG_6330 2011_03_13_IMG_6355 2011_03_13_IMG_6358 2011_03_13_IMG_6362 2011_03_13_IMG_6363

02 March 2011

Landsford Canal

Last Sunday we took off in the Koerner Family Truckster and went looking for something to do.  I had been wanting to check out a state park a few clicks north of here so we headed that way.  The state park is called Landsford Canal.  We had a Taco Bell picnic, watched the kids play on the playground and hiked the 1.5 mile nature trail.  I think the best part (and the kids would probably agree) was walking across the rocks to the island in the river.  Luke even fell in (twice), but it was still fun.  It was a great day full of awesome memories. 

2011_02_27_IMG_6193 (Large) 2011_02_27_IMG_6164 (Large)  2011_02_27_IMG_6194 (Large)

 2011_02_27_IMG_6170 (Large)   2011_02_27_IMG_6167 (Large)   2011_02_27_IMG_6191 (Large)

  2011_02_27_IMG_6228 (Large) 2011_02_27_IMG_6240 (Large)       2011_02_27_IMG_6220 (Large)    2011_02_27_IMG_6149 (Large) 2011_02_27_IMG_6154 (Large) 2011_02_27_IMG_6212 (Large)

14 February 2011

2011 Group Shakedown Camping Trip

Over the last year a group of us started to camp together.  We decided to try the Congaree National Park primitive campground.  Besides the price being right (free) it isn’t far away and yet still feels like you are in the middle of nowhere.  We had perfect weather, low 30’s at night and low 60’s during the day.  Great food, weather and great friends made this an awesome trip. 

Hopkins-20110211-00006 Hopkins-20110212-00007 Hopkins-20110212-00008  Hopkins-20110212-00010 Hopkins-20110212-00011 Hopkins-20110212-00012 IMG-20110211-00001 IMG-20110211-00002 IMG-20110211-00003

31 January 2011

The Great Outdoors....

I had been wanting to give Congaree National Park a try over the past few months and finally had an opportunity to do so this last weekend.  I took the two older kids out for an overnight camp out.  Weather was perfect, uppers 60's during the day and mid 30's at night.  perfect Camping weather. 
Our Campsite
What is Camping without Bacon?

Breakfast Time

I forgot plates so we ate on pans, and the top of the plastic donut container